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Gear Manufacturing Method

Jan 10, 2019

1. Cutting processing method. In the meantime, it is divided into the law of law and the method of exhibition. Fan Cheng method uses the same or similar tool as the tooth groove to cut the tooth groove to obtain the shape of the gear. For example, the finger-shaped or disc-shaped milling gear, planer gear, etc., the processing precision and production power are low. The forming method is modeled on the meshing movement of a pair of gears, one of which is the workpiece, and the other is the cutter to cut out the tooth shape, such as hobbing, gear shaping, etc., the machining accuracy and production power are relatively high.

2, casting method, often used in the manufacture of large modulus gears with low precision requirements, low precision and high power.

The principle and manufacture of gears is an important part of mechanical manufacturing, and the theoretical knowledge of the touch is also relatively wide. It is not a phrase that can be clearly stated.