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Gear Processing Knowledge

Jan 10, 2019

1. Gear machining can be divided into two stages: tooth blank machining and tooth surface machining. The tooth surface machining can be divided into forming method and forming method.

2. The forming method is a method of processing a workpiece by using a forming tool.

3. The exhibition method is a method of processing using a workpiece and a tool to perform a cutting activity.

4. The important feature of the forming method is that a gear cutter can process gears with different numbers of teeth equal to the modulus and the tooth angle.

5. The tooth surface processing methods in gear processing include hobbing, gear shaping, shaving, dent, grinding and so on.

6. The main activity of the hobbing is the reverse rotation of the hob.

7. The tooth-toothing movement of the hobbing method is to ensure that the movement is performed, the vertical feeding activity is to complete the cutting tooth width, and the radial feeding activity is to ensure the removal of the cogging depth.

8. The forming method processing gear is important for places where batch production and gear precision requirements are high.

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