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What Are The Requirements For The Use Of Gear Drives?

Jan 10, 2019

In the production and processing of machines and instruments, the use of gear transmissions is extremely common. And its operating function is closely related to the accuracy of its gear transmission. Therefore, what are the requirements for the use of gear transmission?

1) Motion accuracy

Motion accuracy refers to the accuracy of the transmitted motion. Ensure that the theoretical speed ratio of the gear transfer motion is stable. In order to ensure the accuracy of the gear transmission, the gear should be constrained to a large corner error in one revolution.

2) Operational accuracy

The accuracy of the job stability requires the gear to run smoothly without shock, oscillation and noise. To constrain the large value iR of the corner error within a range of pitch angles.

3) Touch accuracy

Touch accuracy requires the gear to be evenly distributed during the touch process, and the touch is excellent to avoid stress gathering. For heavy-duty transmission gears, such as cranes, gears in conveyors, load distribution requirements are uniform.

4) flank clearance

In the gear transmission process, the non-touch surface must have a reasonable gap. On the one hand, in order to store the lubricating oil, on the one hand, in order to compensate for the gear making and deformation errors, the gap is too small, and even the difficulty in gear mounting is formed. However, the backlash should not be too large. Regarding the transmission gear pair, which often requires a positive rotation, the side gap is too large to cause a reversing impact and a lost motion occurs.